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Egyptian Arcana: Three Egyptian Divination packs

Three Tarot and Divination card packs with an Egyptian motif.

Are you in an Egyptian mood?
If you take delight in the mysteries of Ancient Egypt you may find any of these three different packs of great interest.


The Major Arcana from The Egyptian Tarot Deck
Illustrations from 1901
The Egyptian Tarot has 78 cards in typical Ancient Egyptian artistic style, line-drawn in brown on a mottled papyrus-like background. Majors have themed titles and Tarot-like scenes, while the minors have decorated pips in suits of Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Sceptres, and courts of Slave, Warrior, Mistress and Master. 


The drawings were produced as illustrations for the 1901 book, Practical Astrology. The illustrations have an early Art Deco feel to them.
The booklet gives divinatory meanings.
The Suit of Sceptres (Wands) from The EGYPTIAN TAROT DECK in Qabalistic Tree of Life Pattern
illustrations from 1901


The Major Arcana from The EGIPCIOS KIER TAROT

The Egipcios Kier Tarot is a 78-card "Tarot" deck created by an Argentine occultist in the early 20th century. The deck has traditional-looking Egyptian artwork with a central gold background, and associates Hebrew letters, the Tree of Life, and other esoteric symbols with Egyptian hieroglyphs.


The deck is NOT in the traditional Tarot pattern beyond the first 22 Major Arcana. 

It is not organized into four suits. 

There are no designated Court Cards.

The golden backgrounds and vivid colors give the cards a vibrant energy. 

The titles, along with the symbols, assist the reader in interpreting meanings.

A handy little booklet with divinatory meanings comes with the pack.

BOOK OF DOORS Divination Deck

A pack of 65 cards, an 8-sided die, and a 256-page book

The Book of Doors Divination Deck is a 65 card oracle deck, based on the symbols and deities of Ancient Egypt.


This is not a Tarot deck. 

This is a system of divination based on two occult keys: 
The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus and the magic square of Pythagoras, an initiate of the Egyptian Mysteries.

It includes an 8-sided die and prescribes a ten card spread. The back cover of the 256-page book included with the pack holds an 8 X 8 square which is also used for this system.

8 rows of 8 cards each, plus one card which serves as '0 The Fool' does in the Tarot, along with an 8-sided die.
The artwork is perhaps not the best but it succeeds in interpreting the ideas presented.
A great amount of knowledge went into the formulation of this somewhat complex system.
A great deal of information about the Gods and Goddesses from Egyptian mythology is covered in THE BOOK OF DOORS book.
The Deities, or "Neteru" as they are called here, are divided into 8 "Families".
The 8 is a formula of unfoldment, or becoming, akin to Alchemy.

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