Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Arcana Tarot Study Circle 1/11/2017

A small selection of some oracle decks on the left, some Tarot decks on the right

Our first study group on 1/11/2017
Four people total were present. A small gathering but we really enjoyed each other's company as we met and looked at the world of Tarot cards.

There are Tarot cards and there are Oracle cards and various card decks used for divination and self-transformation. I will continue to bring a various assortment of card decks from my personal collection for students to see and learn from.

We looked at a very basic outline of the structure of the Tarot. The 22 Major Arcana and the 56 Minor Arcana The Minor Arcana  being composed of 16 Court cards and the 40 "Pips" - organized into the four suits of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles, each suit consisting of 10 cards marked Ace through 10, along with a King, Queen, Knight and Page or "Court" cards.

Introduced how the Tarot has been syncretized with the Qabala
We had a small taste of the depth of Tarot philosophy and how it has been syncretized with the Qabala (Cabbala, Kabbalah ...).

Explaining the basic elemental structure of the Tarot cards
Each participant practiced by putting a deck into order - 1 pack of Major Arcana and 4 packs for the Minor Arcana by suit. This is an effective meditation in itself as well as a simple way of cleansing your cards.

From the Yod to the He to the Vau to the He; or, Fire > Water > Air > Earth.

Wands = Fire = Creative and Sexual Energy

Cups = Water = Feelings and Emotional Energy 

Swords = Air = Intellectual Energy

Pentacles = Earth = Material Energy

A glimpse at The Fool's Journey
We looked towards the journey ahead as we delve deeper into the Tarot and how it can be used as a helpful tool and spiritual guide.

Please feel welcome to join us if you are living in or visiting the Kansai area of Japan
as we study the Tarot in more detail and how to use the Tarot to enrich your own life with the 

Course Instructor : Sonny Gardner

Born in the U.S.A.. Over 30 years of experience with Tarot, Meditation and related subjects.