Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Arcana Tarot Study Circle 2/8/2017

Our third Tarot study circle met on February 8th, 2017.
Four people attended.

We opened with a brief review of what we learned previously. The Elemental attributions of the Four Suits and the interpenetration of these Four Elements within the 16 Court Cards.

Here is a short video of that review.

We talked about how intimidating it can be for people who are new to the Tarot cards to learn to memorize meanings for all 78 cards. We can surpass this difficulty by simply opening up to the imagery of the cards and finding our own associations with them.

We also spent time discussing the meanings of 'Destiny' versus 'Fate,' and on the best way to form a question before shuffling and spreading the cards that includes the idea of Free Will.

We then shuffled our decks using only the Major Arcana, drawing first only one card and looking at that. We went on to draw two more cards to complete a daily 3 Card spread and helped interpret each others cards.

It was a very interesting and satisfying experience for us.