Friday, March 3, 2017

Arcana Tarot Study Circle March 22nd, 2017

Our fourth meeting of the Arcana Tarot Study Group here in Osaka, Japan.
Four people attended. As usual, we began with a review of some previous material before moving into new information and working with the cards.

This time we focused on how to properly form a question before spreading the cards and doing a reading. I shared my own technique for calming the body and mind and sitting down to do a reading.

Forming a question for the Tarot cards

First we have to relax in our environment, sit comfortably, and breathe.
After you have established a tranquilly aware state of mind you can formulate a question for the cards.

It is very important to have a clear question to focus upon before shuffling and spreading the cards.

The shuffling method - the way in which the hands manipulate the cards, the possibility of taking into account reversed meanings, cutting the deck, etc...  - depends on the reader, and we spoke of several ways of doing it.

we then practiced simple one and three card draws.
After that, we took a look at the popular ten card Celtic Cross spread.